EMMET Concept

The EMMET system is a solution for seasonal energy storage.
It’s an integrated design for producing CH4 from CO2 and H2O and vice versa.

The basic system is based on a reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) combined with a methanisation process.

The system is capable storing and retrieving electrical energy:

Storing electrical energy
With the high temperature Fuel Cell, H2 is produced through electrolysis. This H2 is combined with CO2 in the methanisation process producing CH4, which can be stored easily in the existing natural gas infrastructure.
The heat of the metanisation is used to heat up the Fuel Cell.

Retrieving electrical energy
The same Solid Oxid Fuel Cell is used for production of electrical energy from CH4.
The produced  CO2 and H2O will be stored in the EMMET-system for the reversed process.

The system is fully optimized in order to have the highest return on investment. The roundtrip efficiency will be approximately 60% (electricity in and electricity out)

Pilot System
At the moment EMMET energy is developing a pilot system of this reversible proces.
This system is based on the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell of the BlueGEN Small scale electricity generator.

The system is being built at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

See the section publications for a detailed system design.