About us


EMMETEnergy is founded out of personal conviction of the founders that there is an urgent need for a green energy transition in order to create a sustainable society.

In order to follow up on the Paris Climate Agreement a huge transition has to be made. Especially in the field of large scale, seasonal energy storage in order to make the further transition to renewable power generation (i.e. wind and sun) possible.

The ambition to make a structural contribution to this seasonal storage challenge led to the founding of EMMETEnergy in 2018.


EMMETEnergy aims to develop an economically viable solution for seasonal storage of sustainably generated energy, in order to fully utilise this energy.

The concept is based on a Power-to-Gas-to-Power system with a high round trip efficiency and based on proven technology.
This enables a economical viable solution.

The project

In cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven a system design is build and tested. At the end of 2022 a full demonstration system is planned which can be used as a blueprint for real live deployment.

At the moment the EMMETEnergy team consists of 7 highly experienced professionals.

Legal status

To focus fully on the mission, EMMETEnergy is founded as a foundation. This ensures in this phase the focus on the contribution to the energy transition in stead of profit and also enabled partners to donate the necessary starting capital.

All developed knowledge and knowhow will be made available to society as ‘open source’ by publication on our website.
This way other parties can contribute or make use of this knowledge and thus bringing a sustainable society a step closer.

In a later phase the deployment of the EMMETEnergy storage facilities should  be on a commercial basis.

EMMETEnergy is formally acknowledged as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax Authority.
Donations to EMMETEnergy are tax deduct-able.

Reg. nr. Chamber of Commerce: 72672420.
RSIN fiscal number: 859192106
IBAN: NL30 TRIO 0379 4526 34
Foundation management plan (Beleidsplan)
Activity report
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